The MEGA Heart Wows Audiences During American Heart Health Month


MEGA Heart wowed audiences on the road during American Heart Health month, with multiple stops in the U.S., from New York City to Cleveland. On the Rachael Ray Show in Manhattan, Ray and best-selling author and TV personality Dr. Ian Smith ventured into MEGA Heart to show viewers how a heart attack happens and explain the heart’s parts. Ray would have been “way better at science,” she said, if she could have toured MEGA Heart in elementary school. MEGA Heart spent an entire day with reporters and Cleveland Clinic cardiac care doctors in the FOX 8 studio, where one reporter said MEGA Heart has “the wow factor.” Cardiac surgeon Marc Gillinov injected a bit of heart humor into the New Day Cleveland Show as he led viewers through MEGA Heart—“some people can repair cars; I can fix valves.” While it’s “bad for business,” Gillinov joked, he shared the best way to keep the heart healthy—with 30 minutes of exercise every day. And his parting heart advice? “You control it; keep it tickin’.”