Plan a Heart Walk that will be a MEGA success

Medical Inflatable Exhibits
Medical Inflatable Exhibits

Planning a Heart Walk is no easy feat! Between finding the right sponsors, picking the right venue and working with your city to find a proper route for your walk, you barely have time to think of innovative ways to make your event something extra spectacular. With the Medical Inflatables MEGA Heart, now you can have an event that’s not only educational, innovative and fun, but entertaining for people of all ages.


Heart Walks have a clear purpose: to raise awareness for Heart Disease and Stroke. A big part of raising awareness is educating all the event participants in the hopes that they will pass along that information. Event marketers have a difficult time getting information out in a way that will engage everybody at the event. With the Medical Inflatables MEGA Heart, you’ve found a great way to let people know all about the heart in an interactive exhibit.

Entering through the Superior Vena Cava, the largest vein feeding the heart, the event participants will be educated on Heart valves, endocarditic infection, ventricular septal defect, mitral valve prolapse, thrombus and more. They’ll also be able to read information about heart diseases and the latest medical treatments. Upon leaving through the Aorta, the largest artery leaving the heart, you can walk around outside to see arteries, stents, myocardial infarction, coronary bypass grafts and more.


The MEGA Heart is a 21 feet long, 15 feet wide and 12 feet high inflatable interactive exhibit. With LED lights throughout the exhibit, you’ll easily be able to read about heart functions, heart diseases and other information regarding heart disease and current treatment. Unlike most exhibits, you’re able to actually walk through the heart, seeing exactly where certain diseases affect the heart.

This innovative exhibit allows users a more interactive experience. With your Heart Walk participants this engaged, they’re more likely to take away information regarding heart disease that they can share with friends and family. Even if they just want to brag about how cool the inflatable heart was, they’re still spreading the word about the event – and more importantly, heart disease.


It’s never too early to teach children about heart disease, but on a weekend morning, the last thing on a child’s mind is learning! Luckily, the MEGA Heart is a great introduction to the heart for children. Being able to walk through the MEGA Heart allows children to engage with the different parts of the heart, reading and seeing as they go, helping them understand better. But, let’s be honest, the MEGA Heart is pretty cool for adults too, which is why this is a great interactive exhibit for families to explore together.

So there you have it: a fun, innovative and educational interactive exhibit that everybody can enjoy! Contact an event specialist to find out how you can bring an inflatable medical exhibit to your next Heart Walk. Just be warned: if you bring the MEGA Heart to your event, everyone will bring their friends to check it out next year, so start looking for a bigger venue now!