Medical Inflatables Exhibits

The Mega Body

Discover how your body works from the inside out.

The Mega Brain

The world’s only portable, inflatable, walk-through brain exhibit.

The Mega Lungs

Visitors learn about the respiratory system’s most critical organs.

The Mega Heart

A trip inside the human heart teaches visitors how to prevent heart disease.

Interactive medical exhibits


Mega Exhibits – Make your Next Event Memorable

Wow them at your next event with our interactive, walk-through medical exhibits. Our large-scale, inflatable educational models of the human anatomy are perfect for teaching people about the body, and the risks, symptoms, nature and causes of various diseases.

MEGA Heart, MEGA Brain, MEGA Lungs, and MEGA Body provide a unique way to advertise and publicize your products or services, while promoting health education and healthy lifestyles. They’ll attract attention to your medical products or services—they’re proven to draw both crowds and the media. See them in action on the Medical Inflatables You Tube channel.

With MEGA exhibits, you know you have an authentic product. We work closely with a team of board-certified medical professionals to ensure the models and informational signs are technically accurate.

You’re busy, leave the centerpiece for your next event to us. Exhibits can be set up at nearly any location. You tell us where and when and we take care of the rest! We are dedicated to customer service and make sure every detail is taken care of to ensure your exhibit arrives safely. And our staff is there to help with anything you need.

Exhibits are ideal for:

  • Cancer-fighting, anti-smoking events
  • Children’s or science museum
  • Clinical marketing
  • Employee healthcare fair / health exhibit
  • Healthcare advertising / healthcare marketing
  • Heart fundraiser, charity walk
  • Hospital display / hospital event (such as openings)
  • Medical advertising / medical marketing
  • Medical device marketing
  • Medical practice marketing
  • Medical trade show or conference
  • Patient education
  • Pharmaceutical event
  • Pharmaceutical marketing
  • Pharmaceutical trade show or conference
  • Pharmacy marketing
  • Physician marketing

Medical Inflatables strives to provide clients with the tools they need to effectively and creatively help teach people about the risks, symptoms, nature, and causes of various diseases. See what our clients have to say about working with us.

“The MEGA Brain was great and everyone loved it. We had more than 600 people come through (I was expecting 300) and Joe was great to set it up on time. Thanks for a great product—it really added a ‘wow’ factor to our event.”

Caitlyn Brooksby

“Intermountain Healthcare”

“While the event was a wonderful success for Glendale Adventist Medical Center, more importantly it was a success for our community. Our goal was to educate and inspire the students and the community to be more educated about heart disease and to take action in their daily lives to do all they can to prevent it. While the MEGA Heart Exhibit is a heart itself, our attendees started focusing on their own hearts. That is the real measurement of success.”

Christopher M. King

“Glendale Adventist Medical Center”

“The MEGA Body literally adds a HUGE fun factor to learning—for people of all ages. It’s a new and memorable way to show the community how committed our medical team is to promoting healthy living.”

Christina Ryan

Executive Director, Healthcare Medical Group