Medical Inflatables Interactive Exhibit FAQs

What can I expect when I rent a Medical Inflatables exhibit for my event?

You can expect a quality product and first-class customer service, distinguished by:

  • a proven attraction guaranteed to draw crowds and the media
  • a dedicated staff focused solely on your exhibit's success
  • no hidden fees or extra expenses
  • extra materials to help you publicize your event, if needed

Are the Medical Inflatables exhibits right for my event?

The Medical Inflatables MEGA® Collection (MEGA Heart®MEGA Brain®MEGA Lungs®, and MEGA Body®) is a great fit for many different healthcare events. Whether you're throwing a medical fundraiser, putting together a pharmaceutical trade show booth, or planning a heart walk, our unique and innovative exhibits make a lasting impression. Here are some events where Medical Inflatables could be an asset:

  • Cancer-fighting, anti-smoking events
  • Children's or science museum
  • Clinical marketing
  • Employee healthcare fair / health exhibit
  • Healthcare advertising / healthcare marketing
  • Heart fundraiser, charity walk, etc.
  • Hospital display / hospital event (such as openings)
  • Medical advertising / medical marketing
  • Medical device marketing
  • Medical practice marketing
  • Medical trade show or conference
  • Patient education
  • Pharmaceutical event
  • Pharmaceutical marketing
  • Pharmaceutical trade show or conference
  • Pharmacy marketing
  • Physician marketing

How much do you charge to rent a Medical Inflatables exhibit?

Every case is different. The exact rental charge depends on your event's location, duration, date, and whether you want the exhibit for multiple dates and multiple events. Our events team will work with you to develop a solution that best fits your needs, and then provide an estimate.

Are there any additional charges for renting a Medical Inflatables exhibit?

The rental charge includes travel for a Medical Inflatables staff member, who will assist in the setup, monitoring, disassembly, and return shipping. For outdoor events, you must provide a tent or other structure (at your expense) to protect the exhibit from wind and rain. If no electrical outlet is readily available, you need to provide a 2,000-watt electric generator.

How long does it take to ship a Medical Inflatables exhibit to an event?

Typically, we need four weeks to make shipping and travel arrangements. To ensure your exhibit arrives in time for your scheduled event date, we recommend executing the rental agreement as soon as possible.

What information is needed to prepare a quote and rental agreement for a Medical Inflatables exhibit?

To prepare your rental agreement, Medical Inflatables requires the following information:

  • date(s) and time(s) of your event(s)
  • street address of the event(s)
  • size of the room or area in which the exhibit will be displayed
  • shipping address

How will the Medical Inflatables exhibit be delivered to my event location?

We ship the exhibit to your location by commercial carrier with a delivery date one or two days before your event. Each exhibit, which weighs approximately 350 lbs., is shipped in a rolling case that fits through most standard doors. You are responsible for safely storing the exhibit until it is time to set it up for the event.

Will I need to set up or take down the Medical Inflatables exhibit?

Medical Inflatables provides trained personnel to answer any questions during the event and handle set-up and take-down operations. We also ask that you provide one or two people to assist with the initial setup and breakdown, which normally take about an hour.

How much space should be allowed for the Medical Inflatables exhibit?

It depends on the exhibit requested, but most require a 30-by-30-foot area with at least 12 feet of ceiling height.

Does the Medical Inflatables exhibit require electricity?

A standard 110/120-volt, 15-amp power outlet is all that's needed to operate our exhibits. The outlet should be conveniently accessible and within a few feet of the exhibit to supply power to the blower, which maintains inflation. Medical inflatables provides a 25-foot extension cord. Should a longer cord be needed, we ask that you provide it. (Note: To prevent the blower from shorting out, extension cords must be shorter than 100 feet.) The blower runs continuously while the exhibit is inflated, making the sound of a hair dryer. If necessary, we can provide a sound-reduction box.

Do the Medical Inflatables exhibits have lights?

Yes, the exhibits use special LED lights on the inside to ensure the interior features can be seen.

What happens to the Medical Inflatables exhibit between multiple day events?

If the event is multiple days, the exhibit will be deflated every night and inflated again the following morning. Proper security measures must be taken to secure the exhibit overnight.

Can the Medical Inflatables exhibit be used outdoors?

Yes, but we suggest that you provide a 30-by-30-foot tent or other structure to fully cover the exhibit. We also require the exhibit to be set up on a smooth, level, and dry surface to avoid damage. We recommend that a frame tent (no center pole) be used and that the center height be at least 12 feet. If conventional power outlets are unavailable, a 2,000-watt or greater generator is required.

Do you have more questions about Medical Inflatables exhibits?

Visit one of the product pages to learn more about our individual exhibits: MEGA Heart®MEGA Brain®MEGA Lungs®, and MEGA Body®. Contact us online to find out how you can make your next event memorable with an interactive Medical Inflatables exhibit! If you still have questions, contact a Medical Inflatables sales representative and we'll be sure to get your questions answered!