The MEGA Body

Discover How Your Body Works From The Inside Out

The Mega Body Exhibit


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Now it’s possible to walk through the entire human body!

We are proud to introduce the ultimate MEGA Body exhibit! This larger-than-life, walk-through model of the entire human body is a wonderful way for children and adults to experience the inner workings of various systems and individual parts of their bodies.. all at once.

The MEGA Body is approximately 12 feet high by 15 feet wide by 50 feet long.

Make healthy choices now

Healthy functioning is depicted, along with preventive measures to help avoid common diseases.  With an emphasis on healthy living, students will learn that the choices they make at an early age can have a huge effect on their well-being—today and in the future.

The new MEGA Body contains educational information displayed right at the site of each main organ, including:

1.  Teeth
2.  Teeth Problem: Cavities
3.  Teeth Health
4.  Brain
5.  Brain Problem: Stroke
6.  Brain Problem: Headaches
7.  Brain Health
8.  Esophagus
9.  Stomach
10.  Intestines
11.  Heart
12.  Heart Problem: Plaque
13.  Heart Health
14.  Blood Cells
15.  Lungs
16.  Lung Problem: Asthma
17.  Lung Health
18.  Bones
19.  Bone Problem: Breaking
20.  Bone Health
21.  Muscle
22.  Skin
23.  Skin Problem: Sunburn
24.  Skin Health
25.  Ears

Entering at the mouth, children discover that healthy teeth are critical to healthy bodies.

When they approach the heart and lungs, children find out how exercise keeps these vital organs strong.

Waiting until adulthood is not an option

A higher incidence of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other illnesses that used to mostly plague adults is now being reported in children.  This makes it more important than ever to develop good eating and exercise habits at an early age.  The MEGA Body exhibit will reinforce what parents and teachers are doing to set healthy goals through nutrition and physical activities.

If you’re interested in having the MEGA Body at your next event, contact one of our inflatable exhibit sales representatives. Also be sure to check out our other interactive health exhibits, the MEGA Heart®, Mega Brain® and MEGA Lungs®.

The concept of the MEGA Brain, Mega Lungs and Mega Body and various aspects of its design are the subject of pending patents.