Mena Georges

“The MEGA heart was a great hit.  I wanted to keep it! J  Thank you for coordinating and facilitating the timely arrival and pick up.  Your staff was great! Now, how do we top it next year?  Maybe the Lung! “

Leslie Sarmiento

“The MEGA Heart was great!  We had a lot of media around this event – before, during and after.  It was a great success and everyone want to do it again next year! “

Serena Collado

“Thank you for the MEGA Heart! It was a great educational tool. Everyone enjoyed it from students to older adults. The staff did a great job giving the tours.”

Cassandra Tower

“Just wanted to thank you for allowing us to rent the MEGA Heart for our health fair last week.  It was a HUGE hit and everyone loved it!  In fact our CEO loved it so much she actually would like to have it for a health fair!”

Charlene A. Wrighton

“The MEGA Heart was AWESOME! That is multisensory learning at its best! I loved how you talked to the children and brought new information that is essential for their future.”

Dawn Huffman

“Our event was a great success and everyone really enjoyed the Mega Brain. I have attached a couple of the pictures that we took during the event. Mack was very professional and answered visitors questions very well. Everyone that I talked to at the event was really impressed. Thank you so much for everything.”

Cindy Dove

“The event was great! We had over 1100 attendees and the MEGA Brain was a big hit. Justin did a great job!”

Cami Hill

“The MEGA Heart was awesome! The heart itself is a showstopper. Everyone is curious to see what’s going on and even if they just walk through it without a tour, I think it gives people a real appreciation for their hearts! Your tour guide gave tours to an entire elementary school in one day—literally! He […]

Carletta Winston

“Everyone at the health fair was very impressed with the MEGA Heart. They said how much they enjoyed the tour of the heart and the guide of the tour told them to act like they were blood cells running through the heart. They said they got a full understanding of the blood flow through the […]