What Our Clients are Saying about Medical Inflatables

The event was great and everyone loved the lungs! Almost everyone who attended the Fight for Air climb walked through the lungs and had pictures taken with them. They were the “hit” of the event. They arrived on time, packed up easily and it was a great overall experience! Thanks for your time and attention!

Michell Steele

The MEGA Lungs were such a hit at our Lungs for Life event at Mount Sinai Hospital! Lauren and Victoria exemplify great customer service. They were prompt and were sure to troubleshoot any issues. Alfred was an engaging and interactive tour guide, who made sure everything ran smoothly from start to finish.  We cannot wait to have the MEGA Lungs again next year!


Vivian & Sydney

The event was a major success and we have received excellent feedback from several different attendees related to the brain and lung exhibits. We had a lot of people attend the event and our evaluations stated that everyone was “very satisfied” with the exhibits and used words like “new” and “exciting” to describe them. Your staff was great as expected and…really was able to engage the youth with different activities as well as his energy.

Rylan Chesley, Prevention Specialist Portsmouth Coalition for Youth,

I wanted to thank you again for your partnership at Thursday’s Take Your Kids to Work Day at our corporate sponsor! We were so thrilled to see the kids’ excitement at touring the lung and how engaging and thoughtful you were in teaching them! We’ve heard such positive feedback from our corporate sponsor about the event, particularly around the inflatable lung.


We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to bring the lung to our corporate sponsor and are looking forward to partnering with Medical Inflatables again in the future!

Mary Zoll, Senior Account Manager, Mount Sinai Health Partners

The experience with you all has been excellent. I sincerely appreciate the prompt responses and excellent customer service from…your team throughout the process.

Cynthia Maddox, Senior Account Manager

Your staff was very engaged in his role as the tour guide and did a great job to tailor the explanation to fit the age of the participants, young and old!

Tammy Meier, RN, Community Health Coordinator

The event went great! It was so cool to have the inflatable lungs. We generated a lot of interest and conversations around lung cancer/lung cancer awareness. We heard from physicians, patients, caregivers, and others in the community. This resource fostered important conversations, and it was very well received!

Justin was awesome! He checked in prior to our event to make sure we were ready to go. He got us up and running quickly on the morning of the event. It was very beneficial to have him there throughout the day. We did have one issue with the blower. Justin was able to immediately troubleshoot and had the lungs back up and running within minutes. He was very professional and easy to work with.

I am so thankful that we were able to bring such a cool, innovative tool to West Cancer Center. The mega lungs added value to the Fight On event. There were over 2,000 people in attendance.

Thank you all for the opportunity. I would highly recommend this resource for future events!

Erin Funderburk, Clinical Oncology Specialist, Genentech Inc

“We loved having the MEGA Heart at our cardiovascular expansion event on Sunday and to offer to health students on Monday. It was a great hit and Justin was fabulous with his narrated tour. Just wanted to say “thanks” for a great job.

everyone really enjoyed it, and I was amazed at how many doctors wanted to go inside and see what you had.”

Marilyn S. Joiner, MBA, APR

“The Mega Heart was a success! 500+ people visited the heart and Sparrow received great media coverage”

Wendi Ootin, Marketing, Sparrow Hospital

“On behalf of the Northeastern Conference of Seventh-Day we thank you for your generosity and for sending Justin to be our tour guide, he was simply awesome and a great fit for us . We loved him, he was always full of energy his last lecture was as vibrant as his first. He was kind and patient even when conditions where not optimal. Our final count showed 1315 toured through Mega Body. Thank you again”

Heather McBride