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Have you met Megan?

Meet the Mega Body Exhibit, also known as Megan: a 50-foot long, 26-foot wide and 12-foot high inflatable replica of the human body. Megan is complete with a heart, lungs, spine, and ribs, along with all the other organs that you would expect to see if you were swallowed by a giant inflatable person. You […]

Announcing our newest exhibit: The Mega Liver!

We are pleased to announce our latest exhibit; The Mega Liver! This 10 ft long inflatable liver features normal liver functions as well as many of the diseases and ailments that can have an effect on your health. The liver is one of the largest organs in the body. It filters harmful substances from the […]

CADCA and the Mega Exhibits

Two coalitions in New York State partnered together on April 20th to bring drug free awareness to their communities. They incorporated the Mega Brain into their event to teach youth in their neighborhoods the dangers! Portsmouth Behavioral Health hosted both the Mega Brain and Mega Lungs at their Youth Outreach Summit in late May. Their […]

May was Stroke Awareness Month

This year for Stroke Awareness Month the MEGA Brain made it’s way around the country teaching people of all ages what the signs and symptoms of a stroke are.  According to “In May alone, some 65,000 Americans will experience a stroke with many unaware that they were even at risk. Less than a third will arrive […]

E-Cigarettes May Pose a Public Health Risk

  They might come in fun flavors like cotton candy and crème brulee, but that doesn’t make e-cigarettes safe. They “pose a serious public health risk,” said Scarsdale High School student Jack Waxman. Waxman was one of dozens of New York teens MEGA Lungs and MEGA Brain educated about addiction during a recent Northeast tour. […]

Brain talk before the ABCs – Teaching Kids about the Brain at an Early Age

Parents and educators: you may want to start lessons on the brain way before counting and the ABCs. Here’s why. Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck has shown that teaching kids about how their brains work—and specifically that brains are “plastic” and can develop new capabilities with practice—makes a huge difference in how well kids deal […]

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1,317 teddy bears tour MEGA Brain in West Texas

MEGA Brain recently did its part to help tackle a troubling health care provider shortage in El Paso, a West Texas city on the Rio Grande. A record 1,317 fifth graders from 20 school across the El Paso Independent School District met MEGA Brain at the annual Teddy Bear Clinic, an event held at a […]

Teens Reclaim “Weed Day” with MEGA Brain’s Help

  Teens touting florescent posters printed with “Love Your Brain” met MEGA Brain at a recent New York event designed to rebrand April 20th—often touted in popular culture as a day to smoke marijuana—as a day to promote a healthy brain.   MEGA Brain took center stage at the “Healthy Teen Brain Day” in Westchester, […]

The MEGA Heart Wows Audiences During American Heart Health Month

MEGA Heart wowed audiences on the road during American Heart Health month, with multiple stops in the U.S., from New York City to Cleveland. On the Rachael Ray Show in Manhattan, Ray and best-selling author and TV personality Dr. Ian Smith ventured into MEGA Heart to show viewers how a heart attack happens and explain […]

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David Ortiz “Big Poppie” with the MEGA Heart

The David Ortiz Children’s Fund Gala, the DOCF’s annual Boston event, is proudly heading into its fourth year on July 18th, 2016. Each year, David Ortiz brings a taste of the Dominican Republic to New England for a great cause. The event features an authentic Dominican-inspired menu, along with traditional music and dancing. In its […]