Choose your own adventure: How to make yourself stand out at Trade Shows

MEGA Inflatables Health Fair Exhibit
MEGA Inflatables Health Fair Exhibit

You’re an event marketer, putting together a tradeshow booth for a big pharmaceutical trade show. Hundreds of healthcare industry people will be stopping by your pharmaceutical trade show booth. You need to be sure that your booth will not only stand out from the other booths at this healthcare marketing event, but that people remember your booth, your product and your brand. You have two options: The safe route or the MEGA route.

You picked the safe route…

Your tradeshow booth is well-branded, informational and friendly. You’ve got great giveaways (pens, magnets, coffee mugs) and have networked with some really great people in the pharmaceutical industry. After some decent success, you take a walk around the pharmaceutical event to see what other medical marketing booths look like. One healthcare booth looks similar to yours, with similar giveaways. The booth next to it has a few more bells and whistles, but their lack of giveaways has hurt the foot traffic. After seeing a few other booths, you run into the event planner who put the tradeshow together. “Come with me, you’ve got to see this interactive exhibit!” she says. You turn the corner and find someone who took the MEGA route. Read on to find out what your exhibit could have looked like.

You picked the MEGA Route.

Rather than pick the safe route, you picked the MEGA route. Rather than settle for a run-of-the-mill tradeshow booth, you decided to give Medical Inflatables a chance. Next to your branded, informational booth, you have an interactive, walk-through exhibit highlighting the functions and diseases of the Heart. When visitors walk by, you can take them through the inflatable MEGA Heart exhibit and explain how your company’s new drug can help improve heart function. Your exceeded your sales goals within the first few hours of the pharmaceutical event. Toward the end of the day, the event planner walks by to show your exhibit to another pharmaceutical marketer. “Wow, I definitely shouldn’t have taken the safe route!”

Take your Event to the Next Level with Medical Inflatables!

Don’t be one of those event planners that waits for other people to lead the marketing field in innovative exhibit ideas. Bring Medical Inflatables to your event and see how much of an impact it can have on your business! Great for heart walk, hospital openings and many other events, the MEGA Heart, MEGA Lungs and MEGA Brain are a great feature for your next event! Contact one of our sales representatives to find out more information about these features. Are you looking for something special? Let us know and we can help you build your inflatable exhibit to help market your event or company!

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