Cooking with the Chefs


Nowadays, celebrity chefs are the rage as people watch cooking shows on T.V. for pure entertainment as much as a great way to learn new recipes. And some of the chefs focus on healthy foods to stay fit, especially those invited to appear on the Dr. Oz show. What a great addition to your next Health Fair ¾ to have a chef demonstrating good eating habits, by showing your attendees how to prepare foods that prevent disease and, in some cases, actually heal the body of certain ailments.

You may consider a famous chef if your budget permits (or if he/she donates their time and talent), or it could be a local nutritionist making smoothies and raw vegetable juices. Regardless, this special feature is sure to draw crowds and spice up your event. Flyers with tips on healthy eating could provide further awareness, with links to popular recipe websites that offer low-fat meal planning (for example, This type of experience also lends itself to teaching children about making smart food choices, perhaps through the use of coloring books or videos to watch real-time.

Of course, a Medical Inflatables exhibit, such as the MEGA Body®, would nicely compliment any such cooking demo. To learn more about Medical Inflatables, go to or