Free Resources for Your Health/Wellness Fair


Did you know there are many free resources available to help turn your next health fair or wellness fair into a more meaningful program? Various non-profit organizations provide information and publications on disease, targeting health care professionals, patients and their families, and the general public. These resources consist of technical and non-technical pamphlets, flyers, journals, videos, audiotapes, etc. that focus on prevention, research, and support services; as well as references, referrals, and clearinghouses. For example, informational materials from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cover topics like nutritional guidelines, and food and drug safety awareness. Other organizations provide educational messages concerning specific medical issues like high blood pressure, heart and lung problems, eye health, diabetes, and so forth.

For a complete list of resources, go to this web page: If you take the time to inquire, you may find more free resources than you ever dreamed of.  Such resources will simplify your event planning efforts and add priceless value to your overall event, while also helping you stay within budget. Note that electronic catalogs are available in some cases, and certain items are published in both English and Spanish.

Medical Inflatable® Exhibits, Inc. can provide additional resources to accompany our exhibits, including various types of specialized educational materials (handouts with your brand, brochures, kids coloring and activity sheets, etc.). Ask us about how we can customize your exhibit with supplemental information to suit your audience.