Have you met Megan?

Meet Megan, a 50-foot long, 15-foot wide and 12-foot high inflatable replica of the human body. 

As you can see on the left, Megan is complete with a heart, lungs, spine, and even ribs along with all of the other organs that you would expect to see if you were swallowed by a giant inflatable person.

Last August, Megan went to visit our friends at The Discovery in Reno and they had a lot to say about her!

“She’s absolutely ginormous, which means there’s something a little alarming at the sight of her. But you’ll soon get accustomed to her magnitude, settling in for the fun part: walking on her tongue and ducking beneath her teeth as you step inside. “

Who doesn’t love to enter a giant inflatable body through the teeth!

“Technically speaking, Megan is butt-less (the exhibit conveniently omits everything from the waist down), and yet still — you’ll undoubtedly hear something to the effect of “Look Mom, she’s pooping me out” as you exit the exhibit’s — how to put this delicately— posterior. And a word to the wise: Be prepared for endless repetition of the same punchline, because this joke will never get old with your kids. Trust me.”

Not surprisingly, we hear this ALL THE TIME! Read more about what they had to say in Reno here!

The Mega Body Exhibit comes with signage showing many functions of the human body all while giving the great bouncy house feel.

Learning about the body? It showcases 26 different areas! See all of the features of the exhibit here.

Contact us today to get the Mega Body Exhibit at your next event! Perfect for fit expos, fun runs, and more!