Health Fair Ideas

Health Fairs: A guide for understanding the importance of health fairs and how to plan One

MI8webPlanning a health fair is a great way to successfully promote a health concept or medical device, engage community members, or simply teach children about their bodies. Whatever the health fair idea, health fairs – when done right – can also help you reach a number of your strategic goals. If you’re thinking about planning a health fair for your business or organization, here are a few things to consider:

How health fairs help

Health fairs are an essential part of education and preventative medicine. They can also facilitate early treatment of certain conditions. Health fairs not only provide general information about good health and preventative medicine, but also often offer screenings and assessments — blood pressure , cardiovascular health — that can detect a problem and get attendees on a track to a healthier self.

Health fairs relay essential information about the human body and its functions in a fun and interactive way, making them the perfect go-to for a variety of audiences including school-aged children from elementary to high school, college students, entire families, senior citizens and corporate employees. Health fairs are just as useful to those who are already in the medical community, such as doctors and nurses, looking for the latest and greatest medical devices or wanting to learn more about pharmaceutical innovations. Health fair volunteers and staff also reap the benefits of a health fair through first-hand exposure to the materials.

Choosing a health fair theme

Health fairs can be designed around nearly all health-related themes, and can be used to raise awareness about a number of health-related topics. They can target specific audiences and also be organized with a specific objective or purpose in mind. Commonly used themes include:

  • MegaBody-insideAnti-smoking events
  • Heart healthy walks, events
  • Breast cancer awareness events
  • Pharmacy marketing
  • Medical device marketing
  • Hospital events (openings, anniversaries)
  • Children’s events
  • Clinical marketing
  • Patient education
  • Employee education

How to plan a successful health fair

Health fairs can be extremely beneficial, but organizing one takes plenty of planning and hard work. Here are three key steps to help ensure your event wows attendees and accomplishes your goals:

Pick a theme
– Your first step when planning a health fair. Review your organization’s philosophy, zero in on your target audience and keep your organization’s culture in mind.

heart-lineMake it interactive – A health fair that isn’t interactive and engaging is futile; if educational information isn’t paired with fun, the audience is less likely to retain important information. An exhibit like MEGA Heart gives visitors a hands on experience as they literally walk through the heart.

Provide services to increase awareness – To add true value for attendees, it’s highly recommended to provide direct services that are aimed at increasing awareness about whatever health issue you’re addressing. For example, screenings for body mass index (BMI), blood pressure, hearing, vision, blood glucose, and other health risks can be administered by medical technicians at a health fair as appropriate.

Offer services – To add true value for attendees provide direct services aimed at increasing awareness about the health issue you’re addressing.

Let Medical Inflatables transform your health fair

Regardless of your target audience, Medical Inflatables can transform an ordinary health fair into an interactive and educational one. The museum-quality exhibits we offer provide interactive, educational models of different parts of the human anatomy large enough to walk through. Larger-than-life models of the brain, heart, lungs, and even one of the entire body are available.

Our MEGA Heart exhibit is the perfect centerpiece for a hearth month health fair in February, or anytime of year. Pair it with a healthy cooking demonstration, an exercise class demo or appearance by an athlete or health-conscious celebrity to really draw visitors to your health fair. May is Stroke Awareness Month in the U.S. and a great time to hold a stroke education health fair. With the MEGA Brain, a raffle, giveaway, and samples of healthy foods that can boost your brainpower, your health fair is sure to be a success.

Exhibits can also be customized for your health fair’s specific needs. Ready to make your health fair as interactive as possible? Call Medical Inflatables today at 281-214-0490 to learn more.