CADCA and the Mega Exhibits


Two coalitions in New York State partnered together on April 20th to bring drug free awareness to their communities. They incorporated the Mega Brain into their event to teach youth in their neighborhoods the dangers!

Portsmouth Behavioral Health hosted both the Mega Brain and Mega Lungs at their Youth Outreach Summit in late May. Their attendees had the opportunity to learn about the risks that opiods, other drugs, and tobacco have on your body!


Here at Medical Inflatables, we teach people about the dangers of drugs and alcohol with our larger-than-life inflatable organs—Mega and Mega Lungs—expert instruction from our engaging staff of paramedics, nurses and nurse practitioners, and creative, fun-filled games and hands-on activities.

Our program isn’t just for children. Our exhibits are the perfect way to teach your entire community about how to live a healthy life. They can give parents the confidence they need to speak to their children about substance abuse.

The centerpiece of our program is the Mega Brain, the world’s only traveling walk-through brain, dedicated to the science behind addiction. Our 18-foot long Mega Brain features information about addictive substances such as marijuana, alcohol, amphetamines, and much more. We teach students (and adults) that addiction can be explained by neuroscience.

The Mega Lungs, the world’s only traveling walk-through lung exhibit is 15-feet wide and showcases a variety of diseases and is a great compliment to any smoking cessation program and include the latest research on vaping.

And this year we will be adding the Mega Liver; a walk-through liver exhibit that shows the effects of alcohol and alcohol abuse on your liver.

Please click here to learn more about our program. Other components of the program consist of handouts to compliment the lessons for both kids and adults and pre/post testing (upon request).