Media & Marketing Materials

Medical Inflatable Exhibits Event Materials

Any collateral materials related to the MEGA Brain®, MEGA Heart®Mega Lungs®, and MEGA Body® produced or generated by your organization must be approved by Medical Inflatable Exhibits, Inc. prior to distribution. Please submit your materials to

Feel free to use the following items to produce collateral materials to help promote and publicize your MEGA Brain, MEGA HeartMEGA Body or Mega Lungs event.

Recommended Public Relations Timeline

30 Days Prior to Event

  • Send out press release to local TV and newspaper outlets, invite to private showing
  • Update website with event details (date, time, objective of program)
  • Post of community calendars if open to the public
  • Sell a sponsorship to a local company in exchange for PR, handouts, signage etc.

2 Weeks Prior to Event

  • Put a tease on Instagram, Facebook and any other social media & send out email blast (MI can provide photos)
  • Ask staff to post about event, if it's open to the public

2 Days Prior to Event

  • Create social media post linked with a relevant fact about upcoming program
  • Send out reminder email blast
  • Designate a staff photographer to get action photos and post
  • Create hashtag and signs asking attendees to use hashtag when posting photos

Day of Event

  • Host media for private showing/tour of program

During the Event

  • Remind attendees to post photos using hashtag
  • Have designated photographer taking photos and posting