The Neuroscience of Addiction Program

Creative, Fun-Filled, Hands-On, Engaging

The Neuroscience of Addiction Program

It's your job to keep your community drug-free and healthy.

You need exciting new ways to educate kids and help them make healthier choices. In today's distracted world, you have to hook them with lessons that stick. Medical Inflatables' new, the interactive Neuroscience of Addiction Program does just that.

We teach people about the dangers of drugs and alcohol with our larger-than-life inflatable organs-MEGA Brain, MEGA Heart and MEGA Lungs-expert instruction from our engaging staff of paramedics, nurses and nurse practitioners, and creative, fun-filled games and hands-on activities.

We focus on today's most pressing issues and substances.

Program participants see for themselves while walking through our MEGA exhibits just how substances can hurt their major organs-their brain, heart and lungs. Fun, interactive games-such as students acting out what regular neuro function looks like, versus a brain on drugs-really help the lessons sink in.

We've developed our Neuroscience of Addiction program for middle and high school kids and have already seen great success in teaching hundreds of teens. Our MEGA Exhibits can facilitate partnerships and connections between kids of all ages. High school kids who've gone through our program might create a lesson they take to your local middle school to drive the learning home for younger kids.

But our program isn't just for children. Our exhibits are the perfect way to teach your entire community about how to live a healthy life. They can give parents the confidence they need to speak to their children about substance abuse, including:

  • Binge Drinking
  • Vaping and Juuling
  • Marijuana
  • Opioids
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Amphetamines
  • Tobacco Use

Lessons Learned:

  • How opioids hurt the central nervous system
  • What tobacco and vaping does to your lungs
  • How binge drinking can hurt neurons
  • Why marijuana can make it hard to learn
  • What dopamine is and how it leads to addiction
  • The dangers of second-hand smoke
  • What drugs and alcohol do to your hippocampus, and why it's a problem
  • How marijuana can lead to poor grades and poor performance in sports
  • How nicotine can lead to cancer
  • How addiction changes your brain
  • How smoking can lead to heart disease

Your Program

Bring our Neuroscience of Addiction program into your town's middle school for a full-day program, to your high school the next day, and then, use our MEGA Exhibits during an educational, fun-packed Community Night, fun run, health fair, or even an event you coordinate with your local law enforcement. Maybe you co-host a prescription drug take-back day featuring our MEGA Exhibits. Make it a full, long weekend of healthy fun and learning.

Program Options Include:

    • lessons from our staff of experts, including paramedics, nurses and nurse practitioners
    • a variety of games and stations to choose from
    • instruction for middle and high school students
    • pre- and post-program testing
    • MEGA Exhibits available for a Community Night, health fair or fun run
    • We can customize a specialized package just for you.



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